New Necaxa-Ávila Camacho

New Necaxa-Ávila Camacho

The 85-kilometre Nuevo Necaxa-Tihuatlán motorway, constructed by FCC in a joint venture, crosses the Puebla and Veracruz states, forming part of the 283-kilometre long Mexico Tuxpan Corridor, which is the main highway that joins Mexico DF and the Gulf of Mexico. The highway is expected to be finished in the first half of 2014 and, once completed, will become the shortest route from Mexico City to the sea, including Tuxpan, with its tourist beaches, the Port of Tuxpan, the large oil zone of Poza Rica and the connection with axis from Tampico-Matamoros-Reynosa to the border with the USA at Brownsville in Texas.

The two subsections, Nuevo Necaxa – Avila Camacho and Avila Camacho – Tihuatlán, are within a thirty-year federal concession that was awarded to Globalvia, the second concession group in the world, formed by FCC, Bankia and ICA in 2007 and which involves a mixed toll scheme for the user and payment by availability from the federal government through the Secretariat for Communications and Transport.

When this highway is completed, it will be one of the largest infrastructure works of the six-year period.

This motorway is divided into two sections.

TC1: The 36.6-kilometre long, four-lane, Nuevo Necaxa- Avila Camacho section, for construction and operation with payment by availability.

This 36-kilometre long section has four lanes, was constructed by FCC and the Mexican company ICA and crosses the Sierra Madre Oriental in an area of great geographical difficulty that required the construction of six tunnels and twelve viaducts.

The crest width is twenty-one metres. The six tunnels have a total length of 8,000 metres and the twelve viaducts have a total length of 2,300 metres. The San Marcos Viaduct, which crosses the River San Marcos and is 850 metres long with a 225-metre central pier, is worthy of special mention because it is the second highest in the world.

The San Marcos Viaduct was constructed in this section and is the second highest in the world.

TC2: The 48.1-kilometre long Ávila Camacho - Tihuatlán section, with two lanes, is for user toll operation.  From kilometre 178+500 to 225+866, with a twelve-metre crest width. It was constructed in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental over gently sloping hills, with a design speed limit of 90-110 kilometres per hour. It has an additional four junctions for the localities of Ávila Camacho, Mecapalapa, Venustiano Carranza and Tihuatlán.

A total of eight thousand, two hundred and sixty-seven million (8,267,000,000) Pesos are to be invested in this motorway, of which seven thousand, four hundred and ninety seven million (7,497,000,000) Pesos correspond to the Nuevo Necaxa-Ávila Camacho section and two thousand, four hundred and fifty-eight million (2,458,000,000) Pesos to the Ávila Camacho-Tihuatlán section.

When both projects are completed, the users will benefit from a reduction in travelling time of two hours and thirty minutes, with a route time of three hours, fifteen minutes between Mexico and Tuxpan. A significant reduction is also expected in the accident rate because of the very high standards of quality involved.