New headquarters for the Electoral Court (Tribunal Electoral) in Panama

New headquarters for the Electoral Court (Tribunal Electoral) in Panama

The project consists of the design and execution of a public or government building with its sanitary systems, electrification, potable water and rainwater systems connected to the public services. It does not include the supply and installation of an air-conditioning system, only its design.

The Nueva Sede del Tribunal Electoral project is made up of a combination of three buildings of up to five floors with general and personal offices, lecture hall, convention hall, museum, library and a parking and services sub-basement:  It is constructed on a 3,184 hectare plot. These three buildings are made up of two 2,433.60 square-metre units and one of 2,402.4 square metres, per floor. They are inter-connected in an "H" shape.  The total constructed area is 43,771.57 square metres. The two lateral buildings have metal roofs, whereas the central one is concrete.

These buildings are constructed on onsite excavated piles and consist of reinforced concrete columns, beams and slabs. The slabs and beams include post-stressed cable systems to optimise their designs.

The side building ceiling and roof structures are metal that are covered with a layer of clay tiles. The walls are a combination of concrete or clay blocks with large, curtain wall-type glass windows. The exterior walls have a single-layer finish with incorporated colour and the interior ones are rough-rendered mortar and paint. The interior walls in sanitary areas are smooth, rough-rendered with tile finishes.

The floors in office and service areas are polished and the public washrooms and services have various types of porcelain and marble finishes.

The false ceilings of all areas are painted slabs that are finished when the formwork is removed.  The false ceilings on the last level and all washrooms are of plasterboard.

All exterior columns are engraved in relief and have pedestals and capitals with special finishes.

The front part is a 5,150 square-metre inclined plaza with a grand stairway providing access to the main buildings.

There is another entrance at the rear in a coach-door style for vehicle access. This coach-door is accessed by means of a roadway that goes round the entire building complex.

Remarkable aspects

  • Electoral Court Headquarters in a neoclassic style comprising three buildings that are organised in an orthogonal manner to form an "H".

Client: Tribunal Electoral

Start date: 2010

End date: 2013