Museum of Art, Science and Oceanographic Park (Valencia)

Museum of Art, Science and Oceanographic Park (Valencia)

The Oceanographic Park is located in the east zone of the City of Valencia (Spain) on the land along the River Turia and forms part of the complex known as the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

The Oceanographic Park

L'Oceanogràfic is the work of architect Félix Candela and engineers Alberto Domingo and Carlos Lázaro and it recreates the marine environment as well as the coastlines of various climate zones around the earth. It is dedicated to the conservation, study and dissemination of marine life in all its shapes and sizes.

The Oceanographic Park is composed of a series of buildings and various gardened spaces arranged around an artificial lake that serves as an integration element from the urbanistic viewpoint.

The Science Museum

The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is designed by Santiago Calatrava. The building plan is a 250 x 150-metre rectangle that occupies an area of 30,000 square metres in which everything associated with science, technological innovation and life is concentrated.

Although outside, the building is configured as a great roof, inside there is a spectacular group of platforms on several levels forming up to six different floors.

The foundations were executed using 65 and 120-centimetre diameter and 25-metre long piles. During execution, it became necessary to construct cut-off walls to cross the various adverse geotechnical conditions in the ground.

The most outstanding building is the tree structure executed in white concrete that is in plain view.

The roof structure is supported on reinforced concrete framework of the south façade and on the tree structure. The north façade is made up of a main structure with metal ribs that produce the grid that appears behind the glazing. Its structure adapts to the various planes and which endow the façade with movement.

The structure is finished with metal elements on the roof, north façade and side façades.

Remarkable aspects

  • Awarded the "Twelve Treasures of Spain" competition in 2007, which was organised by Antena 3 and COPE 1.
  • Science, nature and art, all in one of the largest scientific dissemination and cultural centres in Europe.
  • Construmat Award to the best civil works, presented by the International Construction Salon (Construmat 2005).

Client: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Start date: 1998

End date: 2005