Improving Access Roads in City of Iquique

The works consist of constructing a new and important part of the Acceso Sur to Alto Hospicio Project. This is an industrial and urban area located on a hill of the same name. It stretches to Iquique from the south as far as the El Pampino roundabout. The road will be 4,902.39 m long. Initially one road will be built and made operational, but earth excavation and building will be carried out at the same time to ensure the necessary structure is in place to accommodate a second road in the future.

The road section will have the following dimensions:

-Road width: 7.0 m

-Berm width: 1.0 m outer and 0.6 m inner

-Platform widening width: 0.5 m (1.2 m in sections with road protection) (platform widening)

-Central median strip width: 2.0 m

Generic pumping: 2%

The horizontal alignment allows speeds ranging from 70 to 80 km/h. This should be reduced in some short stretches to 50 km/h due to the steep inclines (up to 9%), and given the significant altitude difference between Alto Hospicio and Iquique.

The pavement was deigned to have a useful life of 20 years and has the following composition:

  • Gravel substrate CBR>40: 15 cm
  • Gravel base CBR>80: 15 cm
  • Asphalt agglomerate in between: 10 cm
  • Asphalt agglomerate paving: 5 cm

The space that will hold the new road is more or less completely excavated on the hillside. Lower support will be provided by means of mechanically stabilised earth walls with a total length of 4,029.76 m. On the upper part, excavations are carried out on loose and rocky earth, which requires blasting works (demolition) and the subsequent stabilisation of the cuttings by means of active anchors, wire mesh and sprayed concrete.

The project takes into account the interception and upper diversion of the FERRONOR railway line on the new road at DM 2,781.00. As a result a cross-section structure will have to be built, combined with a simple framework and double type of reinforced concrete caisson, due to the significant obliquity between the lines on both alignments.

The internal gauge to respect is 9.80 m wide and 7.3 m high. The superstructure is made up of a 25 cm slab and  post-stressed beams that are 0.80 m thick and 10.9 m long.

The project also includes all of the required road safety components. These include: vertical informative traffic road markings, the horizontal road markings and road beacons, reflective studs or milestone markers and the lighting for the whole stretch.


Cost: 27.0 M€

Client: MOP

Start date: June 2015

End date: September 2017