Line 5 of The Bucharest Metro

Line 5 of The Bucharest Metro

This is a contract for the design and construction of Line 5 of the Bucharest Metro in Romania, between the Raul Doamnei and Hasdeu stations for the amount of 215.1 million Euros (919 million Lei). The exchange rate at the time of the contract award was one Euro = 4.2675 ron, with an execution period of 25 months.

It includes the civil works required in the execution of this section, which is 6.1 kilometres long, the construction of nine stations, together with the surface works required for returning the various roadways affected by works execution to their original state.

The route will have two parallel tunnels of 3.8 and 4.0 kilometres and 5.7-metre inside diameter, together with a 260-metre long third tunnel that will connect lines 1 and 5 at Eroilor Station, which will be executed using 6.60-metre excavation diameter EPB-type TBMs and lined with 30-cm thick voussoir rings. The total volume to be excavated by the TBM is approximately 260,000 cubic metres.

The stations (Raul Doamnei, Brancusi, Romancierilor, Parc Drumul Taberei, Drumul Taberei 34, Favorit, Orizont, Academia Militara and Eroilor 2) are all underground, with depths of between 15 and 20 metres and on two levels with the exception of Academia Militara Station, which will have three. Eroilor 2 Station will be executed with the works required for its inter-connection with the existing station that currently provides lines 1 and 3 services. The lengths of the various stations are between 125 and 380 metres, together with interior widths of 16 to 27 metres.

Because of the ground characteristics, the proximity of other buildings and other existing structural elements, various treatments are proposed to improve and protect the ground, such as compensation and consolidation injections, and jet-grouting cut-off walls.

Remarkable aspects

  • This project is intended to update and improve the existing metro system.
  • The Line 5 section has nine underground stations at depths of between 15 and 20 metres.

Client: The state company for the Romanian metro system Metrorex

Start date: 2011

End date: Under construction