Metro Line 2. Las Rosas

Metro Line 2. Las Rosas

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The design and construction of the infrastructure for a new section of the Madrid Metro Line 2

This is a 4.6-kilometre underground section with four new stations that have been named La Almudena, Alsacia, Avenida de Guadalajara and Las Rosas and which will provide service to over 65,000 people.

The tunnel is being executed using various methods:

  • 3,817 using an EPB TBM with a 9.20-metre excavation diameter, lined with 32-centimetre thick, reinforced concrete voussoirs.
  • Tunnel between cut-off walls of 0.80 and 1.00-metre thickness, with a 20-metre mean depth and 249 metres long.
  • Tunnel executed using the traditional Madrid method, 28.60 metres long.

The route begins in the Bilbao district, where the first station is located, to facilitate access to La Almudena Cemetery. From there the tunnel continues along under Calle Nicolás Salmerón to the second station, then runs along Avenida de Guadalajara to the third station at the junction with Avenida de Canillejas to Vicálvaro and finally crosses the M-40 bypass dual carriageway and continues until it reaches Paseo de Ginebra, where the fourth station is located.

All stations have 90-metre long platforms and are accessible to handicapped persons, so that everybody, without any exceptions, is able to enjoy this public transport network.

Specifically, 13 lifts and 28 mechanical stairways have been installed in the new stations, equipped with tactile paving for the guidance of visually-impaired people, hand rails for disabled people, Braille signage and other complementary measures that increase station accessibility.

Remarkable aspects

  • Improvement of communications by providing service to more than 65,000 people.
  • A tunnel executed using three different methods.

Client: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures of the Community of Madrid

Start date: November 2008

End date: April 2011