Hotel W-Vela (Barcelona)

Una arquitectura que impresionante con vistas inigualables

The 5-star Hotel W in Barcelona, designed by the prestigious architect Ricardo Bofill and more popularly known as the Sail Hotel because of its shape, was opened in October 2009.

The building is a reference in the hotel industry because of its location next to the new mouth to the Port of Barcelona and on a plot of land gained from the sea, because of its creative, innovating design inspired in a ship sail and its installations.

It has a constructed surface of almost 50,000 square metres, distributed over a lower ground floor plus 26 floors of guest rooms, meeting rooms, assembly halls, cafeterias, author's cuisine restaurants, Sky Bar, gymnasium, swimming pools and various other installations all under the platform of more than 6,200 transitable square metres.

Geometrically it is made up of four easily-recognisable elements.

  • The Sail: this is the most characteristic element that holds the guest rooms, all with views over Barcelona, the open sea or the port.
  • The Atrium: is an intersecting twin cube, through which the hotel is accessed. It also contains guest rooms.
  • The Podium: is a formal 17,812 square-metre platform that supports the Sail and Atrium. This element contains all the most important hotel services and installations.
  • Parking Lot is on the south side, with 17,835 square metres, providing capacity for 745 vehicles. Its roof forms Rosa dels Vents Square.

The Hotel is included within a complex of over 64,000 square metres of urban development that reorganises the surroundings and connects it to the marine promenade coming from the Barcelona Olympic Port. 

Remarkable aspects

  • The hotel installations include 473 guest rooms, meeting rooms, assembly halls, and author's cuisine restaurants among other elements.
  • The hotel location marks it as a worldwide reference.
  • Its differentiating design has earned it the name of Sail Hotel.

Client: Nova Bocana Barcelona

Start date: 2006

End date: 2009