Son Espases Hospital

Son Espases Hospital

A reference hospital in Palma de Mallorca

The Son Dureta Hospital is located in Son Espases Vell in Palma de Mallorca.

The new Son Espases University Hospital is replacing the Son Dureta University Hospital, which has been the reference public hospital for the people of the Balearic Islands for over fifty years.

The contract includes the construction, operation and conservation of the new hospital. FCC has the hospital operation rights for thirty years, which involves the management of all the non-medical hospital services.

This new building was designed by the architects Alfonso Casares and Reinaldo Ruiz and has become the reference hospital in Palma de Mallorca.

The hospital occupies a total constructed area of 172,000 square metres, and has capacity for 1,020 beds, 26 operating theatres, 107 intensive care beds, 40 emergency booths and 230 spaces for out-patient consulting.

It consists of:

  • A main building designated Diagnosis and Treatment, which includes a psychiatric module. It has six floors, houses eleven interior patios and its structure incorporates solid reinforced concrete slabs, with 7.2 and 6.3-metre spans.
  • A hospitalisation building (two equal modules) with five floors and a structure similar to the previously-described one.
  • A services or industrial building, connected to the main building via three pedestrian footbridges.
  • A building for the animal-housing unit involved in research work.
  • An elevated roadway that allows access to the main entrance level for Diagnosis and Treatment and which enables ambulance traffic to be separated.

There is a parking floor under the Main and Hospitalisation buildings, which has 1,794 spaces (there are 2,326 spaces if surface parking is included). There is also a total of 149,974 square metres of green belts.

Remarkable aspects

  • The reference hospital in Palma de Mallorca, designed by the architects Alfonso Casares and Reinaldo Ruiz.
  • This is the largest contract ever awarded in Spain within the private health concession sector.
  • This is a modern hospital with wide, luminous and comfortable spaces that include cutting edge technologies and computer systems.

Client: Servicio de Salut de les Illes Balears

Start date: February 2007

End date: February 2011