Valencia Trade Fair (Feria de Valencia)

The largest exhibition centre in Europe

It is located five kilometres from the urban centre of Valencia and the exhibition centre is very well connected to the Spanish national highway system by the City's ring-road motorway. It is also connected by a dual carriageway to the Port of Valencia and the airport, which is only five kilometres away.

The Valencia Trade Fair has over 600,000 square metres of constructed surface. This new dimension is the result of expansion works of over 400,000 square metres, which have made it one of the largest exhibition centres in Europe.

In addition to the construction of exhibition enclosures, these works also contemplated the execution of auxiliary buildings, together with infrastructure works, which included various sections intended to improve access and organisation of the surroundings.

The exhibition enclosures include four halls, of some 12,000 square metres on each of the five levels, which thus form a special pavilion, an enclosure that enables elements to be displayed that are singular in weight and dimensions. The Foro Centro building and the 220 kV electrical substation form the operations centre for the auxiliary works.

The executed infrastructure works consist of the execution of 10,000 metres of roadways, eight roundabouts, two vehicle bridges crossing the V30 with 80-metre spans, and a pedestrian footbridge to facilitate visitor access from the parking area. It also includes the execution of a 350-metre tunnel and a singular interchange building. The exhibition centre is enclosed by 2,400 linear metres of fencing.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of these works is that of having been constructed on same land occupied by the previous one, but without interrupting the calendar of events.

Remarkable aspects

  • This is the work of architect José María Tomás Llavador and it is now one of the most important ones on the European circuit. Its enclosure the fourth largest in Europe.
  • The architecture of the Valencia Trade Fair has been acknowledged as one of the best architectonic designs in the world.
  • The Chicago Athenaeum Architectural Award.

Client: Feria de Valencia, S.A

Start date: May 2000

End date: February 2007