Port of Seville lock system

The Port of Seville is located in the Guadalquivir Estuary and has become an interior maritime port. From the Atlantic Ocean at Sanlúcar de Barrameda and after a distance of ninety kilometres, some five hours sailing time, ships arrive at the port installations of the City of Seville, accessing it through a lock system constructed by FCC, which is unique in Spain. These ships sail along the channel known as the Eurovía Guadalquivir E-60.02, which is within the European network of navigable channels

The works consist of the execution of a new lock system located in the 434-metre long Alfonso XIII Channel, where it meets the River Guadalquivir, with capacity for towed ships. This will provide more space for docks and also increase the safety of port installations as well as of the city itself and improve the navigability of the Guadalquivir.

In an area adjacent to the lock there is a navigation channel in which dredging will also be executed and in addition, two 175-metre long support docks will be designed.

Furthermore, the project includes the execution of three mobile bridges; two are 44 metres long and 12 metres wide for roadways and the other is a railway bridge of the same length, but 6.10 metres wide, with a deck that tilts around a horizontal axis coinciding with the line of supports that allow transits that are transversal to the river course.

The following complete these works: control buildings, office, machinery, workshop and storage facilities, urban development and electromechanical installations.

Among these improvements provided by the project is the reduction of lorries travelling between Seville and Cádiz/Huelva. Also, the recovery of the traditional traffic of the Port of Seville by increasing potential vessel size and hence, the competitiveness of the port, access to new traffic with larger vessels, the increase in useable area for docks and also in port installation safety, as well as in the City of Seville itself and enhanced Guadalquivir navigability because of the deeper channel. 

Remarkable aspects

  • The only lock system in Spain.
  • A new maritime access route into the Port of Seville, in addition to protecting the city and closing the flood defence wall.
  • It has lead to an 18% reduction in lorry traffic between Seville and Cádiz/Huelva.

Client: Ministry of Development. Port Authorities of Seville

Start date: June 2005

End date: September 2011