Banpro corporate building

The Banpro corporate building, Banco de la Producción (the largest private bank in Nicaragua) is an office building for its headquarters, located in District III of the City of Managua on the south side of the Rotonda El Gueguense.

This is an outstanding project because of its elegant architectonic design, which follows modern trends of spatial design and the responsibility of the firm Zurcher Arquitectos (Costa Rica).

The project  consists of exterior gardened areas, 7,296 square metres of parking lots and 9,909 square metres of construction divided on five levels: a basement and four floors.

The basement contains employee parking spaces and the technical rooms. The first level holds the bank, a stock exchange post and money exchange, the employees dining room and public circulation areas. The credit area, human resources, private banking and bank management are all on the second level, together with the public areas and health services. The third level contains the corporate market and risk areas, the legal department and financial management. The fourth level houses the bank's private areas, such as the Presidency and the shareholders assembly room.

The works are designed under a modern-futuristic architectonic concept and the overall design adopts the most innovating spatial trends.

The floor spaces are constructed with a form of prefabricated slab known as filigree, which provides many advantages in execution times.

The works include the use of aluminium and double glazing, which cover large open areas of the façade. This type of glass reflects sunlight and heat and withstands wind pressures.

The Banpro central headquarters have a very small perimeter wall that enables the entire green belt and its façade to be appreciated from all angles.

The building incorporates cutting-edge lift technology and has a structured wiring system with everything associated with electricity, internal networks and the Internet. 

Remarkable aspects

  • Presented with the second Cemex 2009 International Works Award in the accessibility category.
  • Banpro headquarters with a modern-futuristic architectonic design that includes the most innovating trends.
  • The use of double glazing for the façade that reflects sunlight, heat and withstands wind pressure.

Client: Desarrollo inmobiliario El Renacer

Start date: 2007

End date: 2009