Eje Lo Marcoleta

Construction of Eje Lo Marcoleta between Los Americanos (RAILWAYS) and Route 5

This is a road intervention project for an extension spanning 1.4 kilometres. It will connect Avenida Lo Marcoleta with Route 5 North by means of a low level crossing, reducing traffic congestion between Calle Lo Echevers and Route 5. The works are comprised of two stages: the construction of a new route connecting Avenida Lo Marcoleta with Route 5 North, followed by the creation of a rainwater collection system as well as landscaping and cycle lanes.

The existing road artery currently ends near the the Alameda-Limache railway line. As a result expanding this will interfere with the railway line route. An underpass, diaphragm walls and cantilever type walls will be built to resolve this issue. The reduced height of the route will allow traffic to use the underpass.

Piles are used to construct the diaphragm walls and underpass. These are 1.2 and 0.6 m in diameter with a separation of 3 and 1.5 m between road arteries respectively. To prevent the earth collapsing, the 1.2 m piles are anchored to the earth using cable ties.

The structure of the new deck will be built in phases, thereby allowing the current railway line to be diverted. This reinforced concrete deck will be 80 cm thick.

The cross-sections are designed to have 2 lanes in each direction, footpaths on both sides and cycle lanes.

The planned route would have left the traffic around a group of detached houses located at the end of the artery without access. To resolve this issue an access route will be built at a height that enables the same level of access to be maintained as those which are currently in place.

It is worth noting that the effect of the works on the local communities involved has been considered at great length - particularly taking into account the development and implementation stages of this project. Public engagement programmes have been organised and mainly consist of running information campaigns, as well as holding meetings in the communities where people can express any concerns or make observations.  

Client: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development / SERVIU Metropolitano

Start date: February 2015

End date: May 2016