Eix transversal (C-25)

Eix transversal (c-25)

The Eix Tranversal (C-25) consists of the splitting of 153 kilometres of the Lleida-Girona highway. It is now open to the public.

The project was carried out via a concession of the company lead by FCC and Caixa Catalunya, Cedinsa Concesionaria, which includes the management and maintenance of the highway for 33 years.

The works consisted of the execution of a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction. 148.2 kilometres of highway were split and a new section two kilometres of dual carriageway was constructed.

The C25 is divided into three sections. Cervera-Manresa; Manresa-Vic and Vic-Caldés de Malavella and nine subsections, two of which were constructed by FCC with a cost of 181 million Euros.

  • The Arbucies section, between the Mas Rumeu and Begís tunnels, from kilometre point 205.28 to kp 218.54, with a total length of 13 kilometres, is located in an area of quite broken orography, which required numerous structures, such as seven viaducts (Pla de Perer, Sot de l’Ullastre, Riudecós, Sot de la Galtera, Can Canaleta, Sant Miguel de Cladells and Tres Camins) and three tunnels (Les Comes, Joanet and Begís).
  • Together with the Santa Mariá d’Oló-Gurb section from kilometre point 157.730 to kp 179.560. It includes special structures, the Pere Riera Viaduct from the Roure y Sant Bartomeu Plan and the 730-metre long Fontfreda Tunnel.

The infrastructure, which was designed in the 80s in order to break the so-called Cataluña radial, which meant that all transport infrastructures passed through Barcelona, registers a traffic flow of between 8,000 and 17,000 vehicles a day, with a heavy-vehicle percentage of between 20 and 30%, depending on the section, so that its straightening will allow road safety to be improved.

Special attention was paid to both design and execution regarding the integration of the highway into its surroundings. Fauna passes have been included, drainage structures have been adapted, anti-noise screens and paving have been installed and the slopes have been treated to prevent erosion and guarantee highway integration with the landscape.

Remarkable aspects

  • The straightening of the C-25, which will enable Lleida and Girona to be connected without having to pass through the Barcelona Metropolitan area.
  • The longest motorway in Spain with shadow toll.

Start date: 2007

End date: 2013