German School

German School

This project comprises the construction of three educational buildings (nursery, primary and secondary), as well as three service buildings (cafeteria, conference hall and sports centre). Two covered outdoor porch spaces have also been created.

The parts of the building which are located below ground level have been built using "waterproof concrete". The buildings are equipped with slab floor foundations and above these is a concrete wall thermal labyrinth. This enhances the building's climate control by exploiting the varying air temperature flowing through the structure.

The buildings were designed as white exposed concrete structures, both in the slabs and walls. The most distinguishing features of the external appearance are the facades with prefabricated tilted pillars in the nursery, primary and secondary teaching facilities, which provide resistance. The other areas of the building have blind walls and large-scale tiled pillars stretching over two floors.

The roof of the conference hall is a metal structure with five waves. It is supported on tilted concrete walls and is coated with a Kalzip aluminium.

The two recreational porches consist of concrete structures with large format support and wide slab entrances. The open porch areas are marked out with open aluminium and glass latticework, which were also installed by FCC.

All of the buildings have windows and curtain wall panels, anodised aluminium profiles with high heat insulation, and glass which meets German standards (falls, hits/collisions, knock from objects, anti-theft, and their combinations).

The sun protection systems are also worth noting. A combination of venetians, canopies, arm awnings, fixed or powered slats and markisolettes are used in all of the buildings.

Client: BUNDESAMT FÜR BAUWESEN UND RAUMORDNUNG (B.B.R.) Federal Office of Architecture and Planning. Government of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY

Start date: November 2012

End date: October 2015