Hospital City belonging to the Caja de Seguro Social

Hospital City belonging to the Caja de Seguro Social

The project for the most modern health installations in Central America

The Hospital City in Panama is located in the western part of Panama City, in the Chivo district, the old Antenas de Clayton field; the land was freely donated by the National Government, occupying an area of 31.9 hectares.

The project consists of the design, urban development, environmental impact, construction, financing and equipping of the installations for the Hospital City in Panama.

The health installations will have a constructed area of 219,000 square metres and will be fitted out with 43 operating theatres, over 284 out-patient facilities and 1,235 beds.

The hospital complex consists of a group of buildings that house the paediatric, cardiology, internal medicine, maternal-infant out-patient and surgical installation specialities, together with general out-patients, a day hospital, various specialised rehabilitation institutes and a hospital residence.

The project was designed by the Spanish TASH (Sánchez Horneros Architecture Workshop) studio that took the area's environmental and weather conditions into consideration in order to adapt it to the country's climate demands.

The Hospital City will be protected against tropical rainwater, sunlight and also be orientated in function of the various winds.

These health installations will be the most modern in all Central America and, according to the calculations of local authorities, will be able to over one and a half million people to be attended. The new hospital city will become a reference in the Central American region because of its equipment and functionality.

Remarkable aspects

  • The largest hospital city in Central America.
  • It will provide health services to one and a half million people.

Client: Caja de Seguro Social in Panama

Start date: 2012

End date: 2017-18