Jerez Circuit

The Jerez Circuit is a race track located in Jerez de la Frontera in the Province of Cádiz, belonging to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in Spain.

The works were carried out to adapt the race track to the new international standards of the Automobile and Motorcycle Federations

  • A change of starting-straight location and layout.
  • Infrastructure, paving and urban development of the new paddock on an area of 33,000 square metres.
  • Box building with two floors and a flat walkable roof.
  • The three-floor, elliptical control building, with glazed façade, backed onto the previous one, derrick and flat walkable roof.
  • Single-floor rectangular sanitary building
  • New stand with capacity for 3,500 seated spectators.
  • Execution of a singular stand over the starting line consisting of a circular enclosure in the form of a 32-metre diameter flying saucer, with a glazed finish.
  • A reinforced-concrete pedestrian underpass below the starting straight  and a pedestrian footbridge with a metal structure under concrete columns, both for communicating with the paddock and interior terrace.
  • Channelling an arroyo into a pipeline.
  • Various operations on the track.
  • Exterior installations
  • Landscaping and environmental adaptation work.

These modifications required the demolition of old boxes, the hospital and the old control building and directly affected urban development and the execution of the new paddock and pit lane.

The track surface was designed with a first layer of polyester geogrid to prevent surface cracking and a layer of F-10 mixture with bitumen that is specially recommended for high-speed tracks subject to extreme stress caused by skidding and braking. 

Remarkable aspects

  • Spectacular remodelling of the Jerez race track to adapt it to the new international standards of the Automobile and Motorcycle Federations.
  • This race track hosts Grand Prix races and in addition, it is in use 365 days a year.
  • Constructive process optimisation for short-term putting into operation.

Client: Jerez Council Urban Planning Management

Start date: July 2001

End date: April 2003